Travel Shanghai China

Travel Shanghai China, An amazing city.

I live, work, play in Shanghai, China’s largest city, largest port; a city of 16 million people, (many millions more during holidays and festivals), a city wanting to be the biggest, best and most important in the world.

If you had been able to Travel Shanghai 10 years ago, and returned today, you would see a very, very different city.
Shanghai today is a modern, 21st Century city, with tall, new shiny buildings, amazing nightlights, a wonderland.

Finding the old sights and sounds of the old city is becoming more difficult as the city’s rapid development produces almost instant change, almost everywhere.

Shanghai is a Chinese city of surprises: – a bizarre, and sometimes brutal, colonial history (British, French, American, Italian, Japanese) and dark days exploited as an Opium trade hub. Mix that with ancient Chinese culture and today we have a city urgently trying to leave its colourful past behind and which will soon be compared, in class and elegance, with any major city in the world.

When you Travel Shanghai China, you will quickly notice it is the power-house of China, the money-making machine that drives the Chinese economy continually forward.

Shanghai is usually a business destination. However if you are coming for a China vacation, or traveling through on the way to somewhere else, Travel Shanghai China has some must-see experiences and is a good way to introduce yourself to the wonders and difficulties of Travel in China.

There is still a lot for the visitor to see and do in Shanghai. Bars, Clubs, Business, the incredible skyline of beautiful tall buildings as far as you can see. The 21st century architecture. However, the truth be told, when you Travel Shanghai China, the city itself does not have a lot of cultural feel about it. Shanghai is the financial center of China.

I could talk all day about what great fun it is to live here; it’s a lively vibrant place that moves at an extraordinarily fast pace. I will cover some of the highlights but you need to see and feel the place personally to fully appreciate it.

Some Shanghai Highlights

o The beautiful colonial-style buildings along the river; an area called the “Bund” where these remarkable buildings from old European days are marvelously lit up at night, and have been beautifully restored; the contrast between the Old and the New is quite a sight.

o The most famous shopping street and lighting effects in China, Nanging Rd, is just a short walk from the Bund.

o The famous Xintain Di district: – this area is the social hub of Shanghai, the very best in chic and style, expensive cars, fine wine, the best restaurants, a very happening place.

o At the southern end of another famous shopping street, Huai Hai Rd, is an area known as the “French Concession”, where peaceful tree-lined streets with wonderful colonial-style villas would make you think you were actually in Europe.

o A must thing to see and do, is to visit the viewing platform at the top of the Jin Mao Tower, the third highest building on earth, the tallest with an hotel inside (the Hyatt). This stunning building is 89 stories high and the view of the city from the top is spectacular.

A very special treat is to have a buffet dinner at the Hyatt on the 53rd level, then go up to the bar on the 89th floor and enjoy a drink and the view, which at night will amaze you.

o Shop !!! There are Antique markets, Bird and Bug markets, Commodity markets, Clothes and Fabric markets, local markets and a very famous market where you can buy all the world’s best brand names, at amazingly low prices.

Shanghai is a shopper’s heaven, come with a small suitcase and leave with a big one.

Secret Treasures

If you come to Travel Shanghai China and have time, just outside the city, one or two hours on a bus are some real treats.
Would you like to see tranquil lakes?… beautiful Chinese gardens?… ancient villages?

Here are a few places that are very close to Shanghai which can often be overlooked when one comes to Shanghai. These cities, towns and villages are the real deal and a must-see adventure.

Just an hour by local bus is Zhujiajiao, About two hours away by bus or train is Suzhou, as well as Hangzhou. As I grow this site, I will add places that are more interesting.

Shanghai China – Shanghai Subway for Tourists

Shanghai China has a new and modern subway system which is very handy for Shanghai tourists and other visitors to Shanghai. As in many growing metrpolitan areas the traffic situation in urban Shanghai is becoming more congested all the time. Travel by taxi in the downtown areas is diffucult and time consuming, especially during the rush hour peak periods.The Shanghai subway system is generally user friendly , inexpensive and will
save visitors to Shanghai a great deal of time and frustration.

There are currently three subway lines in the Shanghai system with a fourth under construction. Line One runs generally North-South through the heart of the city, with a three stop East-West stretch along HuaiHai Lu (Lu means “road”), one of the two major shopping streets. The ShanXi Nan Lu stop on HuaiHai Lu will take visitors to the Xiang Yang Market to shop for knock-off items.

Additional useful Line One stops are:

* Shanghai Stadium – venue for sports and concerts and the location of the Shanghai Tour Bus Center

* XuJiaHui – another major shopping area with large computer product markets and near Shanghai JiaTong University

* HengShan Lu – a major nightspot and restaurant area

* HuangPi Nan Lu – access to XinTianDi tourist and restaurant area

* Peoples Square – City Center, Nanjing Road shopping and the Shanghai Museum

* Shanghai Railway Station – Main rail station in Shanghai

Line Two runs directionally East-West and crosses Line one at Peoples Square where transfers can be made. Line two crosses the HuangPu river which separates the older western part of Shanghai, PuXi from the new Eastern development zone of PuDong.

Line Two stops of interest include:

* JingAn Temple – tourist area and shopping

* HeNan Zhong Lu – access to East Nanjing Lu for shopping and to the western side of the Shanghai Bund tourist area along the HuangPu River

* LuJiaZui – Shanghai Bund east bank and Shanghai Pearl TV tower

* Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Line Three is really not a subway at all but an overhead light rail train. It crosses Line One at Shanghai South Railway Station, Shanghai Stadium and again at Shanghai Main Railway Station. Line three connects with Line Two at its western most terminal, ZhongShan Park.

Line Three does not offer much of interest to the short time traveler to Shanghai.

Using the Shanghai subway is easy after you understand the system. All of the stations have multiple entrances which are marked with the large red letter M on signs at the street level.

Tickets are bought in the underground station, either at a ticket booth or from a machine. The cost ranges from 2 to 5 rmb depending on how far you are traveling. The ticket machines are handy at peak travel times to avoid the lines at the ticket windows. One rmb coins are needed for the machines. In operating the machines, you must push the button for the value of the ticket before putting the money in the machine. Otherwise, the money will fall out and the machine will appear to be out of order.

After buying the ticket, the subway loading platforms are entered through a turnstile where you put the ticket in and then retrieve it. Keep your ticket. You will need it when you get off.

Get on the train when it arrives, going in the right direction. You will usually have to stand as most seats will be taken. When you get off you will exit through another turnstile, using your ticket to get through and the ticket will be kept in the turnstile.

The Shanghai subway trains and stations are clean, modern and usually dependable. The stations and trains are well lit and safe except for the occasional report of a pickpocket.

Shanghai subways are an extremely easy way to move around many important and interesting areas in Shanghai. Visitors will find the Shanghai subway an easy and convenient way to travel in Shanghai.

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Ninty some miles north west of Los Angeles lies the lovely beach city of Santa Barbara, California where you will find some of the cleanest and best tended beaches on the west coast.

The city of Santa Barbara which includes Hope Ranch and Montecito has a population of approximately 90,000 (not counting the students who reside at UC Santa Barbara.) yet it hosts millions of visitors each year. The residents of the city are, for the most part, friendly, courteous and helpful, the city is clean and thanks to a well enforced anti graffiti department, virtually free of graffiti. Crime rates are low and the police are courteous and willing to assist you in whatever you need. Whether you are a single traveler, traveling with a friend or spouse or taking the whole family, Santa Barbara is a great destination.

There is something for everyone in or near Santa Barbara. Relax on the beaches, enjoy the night life on State Street or in next door Isla Vista, drive past multi million dollar homes in Montecito or Hope Ranch, take in a symphony at the Arlington Theater, visit the Museum of Art, tour the Mission, go to the Zoo or enjoy the Botanic Gardens or the Natural History Museum, fish off Stearns Wharf, go sport fishing or whale watching, dine at one of the numerous excellent restaurants (many with outside patio dining), visit the outdoor Farmer’s Market and buy organically grown fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants, buy arts and crafts at the sidewalk art show which is right along the beach, rent a bicycle or a bicycle built for two and ride on the bike paths along the ocean, dine at one of the seafood restaurants or at the open air fish market on Stearn’s Wharf or shop at the Paseo Nuevo Shopping Mall.

There are accomidations in every price range, from inexpensive motels to bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels like the Four Seasons Biltmore and the Bacara Resort and Spa.

If the foregoing is not enough, take a wine tasting tour of the botique wineries in the Santa Barbara wine region, go boating and fishing at Lake Cachuma, visit and play poker, blackjack, bingo, keno or slot machines at the Chumash Resort And Casino, visit Solvang “the Danish Capital of America”, go skydiving or take flying lessons at the Santa Inez Airport, see the historic old west town of Santa Ynez, visit Pea Soup Andersen’s in Buellton or just take a long relaxing drive up the coast and enjoy the fantastic weather while viewing the beautiful scenery.